Special packaging.
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Local services & anywhere in the country.
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 Our modern fleet of trucks, a responsible, safe and efficient company.

- Appraisals and advice at home WITHOUT CHARGE.
- Equipment for any type of removal (houses, offices, companies, banks, museums, embassies, towers, works of art, etc.).
- Professional Packaging: Special boxes, baskets, disposable materials, safety skeletons, etc.
- Skilled labor.
- Transportation with insurance. (If the cleintella solicare)
- Cordoba capital, province and the country's respo.
- Private or industrial move, turnkey.

Each move must be coordinated to achieve a successful outcome that corresponds to the requirements of the clinic and the company or organization to which they belong.This is the type of service that EXPRESO BAÑARES offers and offers to each of its clients.

Pack in Order, first finish packing in one place in the house before starting in another. Take care to mark the boxes according to their content and the place of the house they belong to. Take special care to identify flammable items and the most fragile.

Keep the heavy objects in small boxes and verify in what order they are left packed in the moving vehicle.

With fragile objects, use cardboard to separate and paper and sheets to wrap each element. In the box indicate the position in which everything must be put so that the objects do not move or break.


Office and company removals


Trunks, portable lockers for hanging clothes on hangers.

Wicker baskets with lid for flat clothes

Multi-purpose wooden drawers for packing glassware.

Cages totally conditioned, of different sizes for the transfer of dogs and cats.
(in this case those materials are provided to the client one week in advance and is free)

We have a professional team of packers who come to the residence at the scheduled time and date, provided with tools and high quality materials to make the packaging.

Previous visit

- If you and your furniture are located in Córdoba Capital, one of our representatives can visit you personally at your address (without cost and without charge).

In order to evaluate the volume of your move and thus find together the most convenient option for you according to your needs.

Just call us by phone (Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) and our staff will be at your disposal to provide assistance.

Remember, whether you are a few or many kilometers away, we have the experience to inform you and help you.