Special packaging.
Special treaatment charges
Local services & anywhere in the country.
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Córdoba   - Argentina 


We have a professional team of packers who come to the residence at the scheduled time and date, provided with tools and high quality materials to make the packaging.

All the effects are packed before being removed, paying special attention to the fragile effects, which are packed in skeletons or wooden boxes identified from each other.

The loading of the effects is done in the residence, through an exhaustive content check and subsequent container sealing.

- Protective skeletons.

- Built by hand with wooden slats and others.

- Professional System

- Objects protected with double corrugated cardboard and other materials

- Security tapes

- Rubber-foam free fillers

- Security Tapes

- Protection against humidity

- Proven resistance

- Reinforced disposable material for delicate packaging

- Packing and unpacking service at home

- Covers for mattresses and armchairs

Keep in mind that this service is provided when the client requests it and has an additional cost