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Pack in order, first finish packing in one place in the house before starting in another and take care to mark the boxes according to their content and the place of the house they belong to. Take special care to identify flammable items and the most fragile.
Take special care with the appliances, unplug them in advance (they are not hot for packaging, clean them, dry them well and store them in a box.

Also, carefully separate and pack the pieces that come off. If you are going to remove attachments connected to gas, hire experts to do so.

With fragile objects, use cardboard to separate, paper and sheets to wrap each element. In the box, indicate the position in which everything must be placed so that the objects do not move or break.

When unloading and unpacking:

Of all the proceeding of the move, this stage is the one that requires more time.

It can last about five days, so you should first unpack the articles of daily or frequent use and then those that do not.

First verify that all the elements have been downloaded, taking special care with the way in which the most delicate items are downloaded.

The first thing that is recommended to organize is the kitchen, because it is where more precede and fragile elements are.

Then you must continue with the rooms, to have a place to sleep when it gets dark.

Remember to have the lighting of the house ready before the night comes.

Try that when it is unloaded, the boxes are placed in a place close to the one that you usually use, especially furniture and beds. To facilitate the work when it is being organized.

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